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How Confident Can We Be That Genetic Information Required an Intelligent Programmer?


This talk presents the latest evidence that genetic information requires significant levels of functional information, which is a fingerprint of an intelligent programmer. The seminar begins by explaining how genetic information can be measured. That approach is then applied, using two different approaches, to show that a very significant level of genetic information must be encoded into DNA to produce biological proteins. Then, the two current objections to these results are then examined, including: a) the idea that evolution has not done enough sampling yet and b) natural selection will artificially limit our own data, either of which will result in a vast over-estimation of the genetic information encoded in the genomes of life. However, an examination of these two objections shows that they do not stand up to scrutiny. We can conclude, with a high degree of confidence, that the genetic information in the genomes of life are covered with the fingerprints of an intelligent programmer.