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How Jesus Interacted - The Genius of Jesus' Teaching, Part 1

Date recorded: 25 Sep 2021 | Speaker: Peter J. Williams | Event: Master Class


This is part 1 of a 5-part series on the Genius of Jesus' Teaching. Jesus is admired for many things, but less often for his intellect. In this series, we consider evidence of Jesus’s profound knowledge of the Old Testament as shown in his parables, his use of memory techniques, and his methods of teaching. It is hoped that you will come away both with a sense of wonder at the depth of the stories you already know and inspired by the practical lessons we can learn as we convey God’s truth to others. This first talk focuses on Matthew’s Gospel. We see Jesus’ use of questions to get to the moral heart of an issue, and we begin to consider the place the Scriptures play in Jesus’s teaching.