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How to Lead an Old Organisation with a Fresh Vision

Date recorded: 27 May 2014 | Speaker: John Stevens | Event: ELF Workshop
How to Lead an Old Organisation with a Fresh Vision


Whilst every generation will be tempted to create new gospel movements, because they believe that established organisations and institutions have become entrenched, irrelevant or moribund, there is also a good case for renewing  and refreshing existing movements. The FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) is a family of over 520 gospel churches in the UK. It was founded over 90 years ago but was becoming culturally conservative, entrenched and ineffective. A younger generation of gospel leaders were beginning to look to join or establish new movements. Four years ago the FIEC underwent a radical transformation and is now a growing and thriving movement of churches that are working together to evangelise the UK. This lecture will share the lessons  we have learnt from our experience, explain why it is vital to revitalise existing gospel movements and suggest ideas for how this can be done. If we are to reach Europe for Christ church planting needs to go hand in hand with church revitalisation, and the same is true for inter-church gospel movements. We need both refreshed movements and new movements.