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How Lives Are Changed


The Bible is a book of transformative power. Its words are life-changing. Nevertheless, the Scriptures can be used to abuse as well as for good. C. S. Lewis said, of all bad men, the worst of bad men are religious bad men. The sooner one is willing to die for the faith, perhaps he would be willing to kill for the faith, or paint a “Thus saith the Lord” across his own opinions. The prophet Ezekiel also warned of those false prophets who say, “Thus saith the Lord” when the Lord hath not said. How can someone biblically and faithfully preach the word for transformation? The Scriptures are called “the Sword of the Spirit”. In part, preaching the Scriptures transformatively requires that the preacher understand what it means to be filled with the Spirit. This talk sets forth how the preacher can be filled with the Spirit and how this is essential for good homiletics. If the Bible is to be preached transformatively, the ministry of the Holy Spirit must be active in the process. Furthermore, in Jesus’ Upper Room discourse he explains to his disciples that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is essential to their proclamational enterprise. This talk explores what Jesus meant regarding the Holy Spirit’s ministry in the life of his disciples as he deployed them.