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How to Spot an Idol in Your Life

Date recorded: 12 Mar 2022 | Speaker: Dave Patty | Event: Master Class


We all experience times of spiritual dryness, periods where resources are low, vitality is gone, and the voice of God seems distant. Our natural inclination is to long for a break, but sometimes what we really need is a breakthrough. Hidden areas of unrecognized idolatry can sap our spiritual strength like buried infection in a body. Finding and removing these idols can result in surprising release and blessing. In this Master Class, we look at the Biblical x-ray for discovering your hidden idols, as well as the practical steps to remove them. Since false gods come in different forms, we examine the seven archetypes of idols described by Josiah in 2 Kings 23, as well has how those same idols express themselves today. The goal of this Master Class is to equip you with practical knowledge and skills for courageous idol removal in your life and in the lives of those you serve.

Since each of us consciously and unconsciously hide our false gods, how can you discover if they exist? And why would you want to find them? Jeremiah 17 offers us the answer to both of these questions. This is part 1 of a 5-part series on The Secret Path Out of Spiritual Dryness.