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How Then Should We Live? Living Faithfully in the Midst of Apostasy

Date recorded: 24 May 2016 | Speaker: Leif Nummela | Event: ELF Workshop


We are right now living through one of the most monumental cultural shifts in the history of the western culture. The Christian church is very much part of these changes. We are seeing shocking apostasy among many Christian churches, at the same time as we are living in a culture that becomes more and more anti-Christian. In this situation, one question has become very acute for many Christians: How then should we live? Learning to live as a faithful remnant, when both many mainline European churches, and the culture at large, is leaving the faith, is absolutely crucial, if we are going to preserve the biblical faith for the next generation. In this talk we explore what it means to serve the Lord faithfully in a time of apostasy. Our situation is not new. The people of God have been in a similar situation many times before, and the Bible has a lot to say on this subject.