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Letters from God: The Authority and Relevance of the New Testament Letters

Date recorded: 21 May 2017 | Speaker: Leif Nummela


The New Testament letters are one of the most highly relevant and directly applicable parts of Holy Scripture for today's Christian. They speak directly and authoritatively to most of today's hotly debated topics in the church and the world. It is hardly possible to be a Christian, walking under the guidance of God, without knowing the teaching of the New Testament letters. Yet today, for different reasons, they are largely neglected, both in personal and in church use. There is a lot of talk today in some Christian circles about God speaking to individuals, and we hear many Christians say, "The Lord told me this." But in the New Testament letters we really hear Christ's word to us directly through His chosen apostles. In this talk, we consider the authority, interpretation, and application of the New Testament letters.