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Opening up the Bible

Date recorded: 1 Jan 2004 | Speaker: David Jackman | Event: ELF Pre-Forum Seminar
Noah | 
Babel | 
Abraham | 
Egypt | 
Israel | 
law | 
Exodus | 
Judges | 
Saul | 
David | 
Prophet | 
Matthew | 
John | 
Eden | 
Desert | 
Samuel | 
Temple | 
kingdom | 
Grace | 
Sin | 


In an age of Biblical illiteracy, many Christians have only a limited awareness of a few favourite Bible texts or books, and little idea of the coherence of the whole Bible as a revelation of the character and eternal purposes of God. The seminar examines ways in which these needs can be met, at a practical level, and provides outline teaching ideas for an overview of the whole Bible.