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Preaching with Variety: Narrative, Poetry, and Discourse

Date recorded: 23 May 2022 | Speaker: Andy Hamilton | Event: ELF Bible Teachers and Preachers Network
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The Bible God has given us is overflowing with variety. It was written by over forty authors, in three languages, on three continents, over a couple of thousand years, and yet is united by the Spirit into a single masterful work that points us to Christ. The Bible is anything but dull. The Bible God has given us is what you might expect from the kind of God we find in it: creative, diverse, and fully united. It doesn’t remain aloof and abstract, but engages with real life in all its fullness. This talk looks at the main three types of literature in the Bible: narrative, poetry, and discourse. If we can rightly understand the types of literature, we can tap into their unique strengths to make our preaching the best it can be!