Reconciliation in the Public Square


In this talk, Michael Cassidy will share out of the deep experiences of himself and his teams in the arenas of seeking reconciliation all across Africa, first in the Church and then spilling over into the Society and the Public Square. Michael will illustrate his points via stories out of reconciliation endeavours, for example in South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere. He will also share about nation-changing gatherings and backstage Second-Track Diplomacy in the years running up to South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994. Some of the latter contributed significantly to South Africa coming through to a peaceful resolution of its deep conflicts in the years leading up to 1994. He will also articulate some of the key principles of what he calls “The Politics of Love,” this being the title of one of his important books written before Apartheid came down. Michael believes some of these principles are relevant for many other situations around the world, as for example when he shared them in Northern and Southern Ireland.