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Is Roman Catholicism Preaching the Gospel? - Session 2: Why "Roman" and Why "Catholicism?"

Date recorded: 17 Apr 2021 | Speaker: Leonardo De Chirico | Event: Master Class


Roman Catholicism is the largest religious group in the world. Wherever you are, you are dealing with it. In recent decades it has become welcoming, wanting all Christians to be “united” in some form or another. Yet, in spite of all the changes, Roman Catholicism is not based on the Bible alone. To more or lesser degrees all Catholic doctrines and practices are the result of a flawed theological method which is not governed by Scripture alone, but by a self-authenticating tradition which is administered by the authority of the Roman Church.

Session 2 - Why "Roman" and Why "Catholicism?" Roman Catholicism is what the expression tells us: “Roman” and “Catholic”. This session will explain why and what difference it makes for Roman Catholicism to be both Roman and Catholi