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The Script: Understanding & Responding to the Five Key Assumptions of the LGBT+ Movement

Date recorded: 24 May 2022 | Speaker: Dave Patty | Event: ELF Workshop
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Gender issues and a proper response to the LGBT+ movement are key challenges facing evangelical leaders today. If you have not yet encountered this challenge in your church or organization, it is probably coming soon. What most believers don’t realize is that there is a classic “script” that is followed in the media and contemporary culture with regard to gender issues. Unless you are aware of, and able to respond to the entire “script,” your answer to these challenges will most likely be inadequate and misunderstood. In this seminar we will unpack the the five key assumptions of this powerful LGBT script and equip you with an alternative script from God’s Word so you are “always prepared to give an answer… for the hope that you have” (I Pet 3:15).