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Shame, Youth Culture, and the Gospel


Do you know what young people are watching these days? The Norwegian hit teen drama Skam (2015) has captured the attention of many teens and got a lot of recognition internationally, not the least due to the innovative use of new media platforms. The expectations are high regarding the upcoming fourth season this spring. An English-language version to be known as Shame, is also in the pipeline for 2017.  The drama explores the lives of a group of ordinary 16-year-olds, tackling subjects such as relationships, loneliness, eating disorders, love, heartbreak, religion, meaning of life, identity, as well as sexual identity. But what really makes it ground-breaking is that the episodes are broadcast in smaller units online throughout the week, while a weekly catch-up show on NRK’s linear network recaps the events. The script builds on several in-depth-interviews, and Norwegian teens find Skam to be honest and realistic. This influential Norwegian drama gives valuable insight into key aspects of current youth culture, including the central place of social media. Whether you are already familiar with the show or not, exploring the series from a Christian perspective is therefore highly relevant in order to engage the emerging generation with the Gospel.