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Speaking the Truth

Date recorded: 3 Jun 2005 | Speaker: Jerram Barrs
Speaking the Truth


The Apostle Peter calls Christian believers to "always be ready to give a defense (an apology) to any one who asks us to give an account of the hope that is in us." One of the great difficulties we face in our post-modern world is communicating the claims of Christ to people who are no longer interested in the issue of what is true, most of whom are not even asking the question because they do not believe there are answers. How do we begin to get through with the Gospel in this "wasteland," to use TS Eliot’s prescient phrase about Europe as he wrote 80 years ago? How can the Word of Truth make sense in a world Nietzsche prophesied about, a world of an ever increasing "gnawing and crumbling skepticism and relativism?"