Spiritual Revivals and Awakenings: When God Works in Great Power


Jonathan Edwards, a major figure in the First Great Awakening, described "Awakenings" as "seasons of mercy" when God, the Holy Spirit, pours out His power in "special dispensations of God's providence".  Edwards observed that when God works in great power, more is done in a day than in our strivings over a long period of time.  J. I Packer, the great contemporary theologian, has described spiritual Revivals and Awakenings as a quickened sense of "God's presence." Packer has observed that when Christians experience God's presence in a heightened manner, they are often empowered to live godly lives in an enhanced fashion. In this talk we are going to study a number of the Great Spiritual Awakenings. Our goal is quite practical. We would like to learn more about the nature of spiritual power to fortify us and our churches as we live in an increasingly secular age.