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Turning Back the Tide of Atheism with The God Question

Date recorded: 11 Sep 2014 | Speaker: Peter S. Williams | Event: ELF Philosophers Network


What happens, in a high profile TV and DVD series, when atheism clashes with theism on the interpretation of contemporary science? What impact does it have on viewers? How can your ministry benefit from it? 
The God Question, released in 2013, is being broadcast on mainstream television in Europe, Asia and Africa to a potential audience of 300 million people- and growing. It is also available worldwide on DVD as Exploring the God Question. Its reach and impact are spreading fast. Among the series contributors are world renowned scientists, philosophers and theologians-including regular ELF speakers John Lennox, William Lane Craig and other highly credible Christian voices- who speak powerfully into the public debate. A unique characteristic of this resource is that it represents both sides of the debate, so contributing a rare sense of balance that makes it widely acceptable and creates opportunities for the Christian world view to be heard in contexts from which it is often excluded.