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Understand the Power of Fallen World Gravity

Date recorded: 29 Jan 2022 | Speaker: Peter Mead | Event: Master Class


So much is written about spiritual growth. Anyone in a relationship with God wants to grow spiritually, yet often it can seem so complicated! We can feel pulled between intellectual approaches on the one hand and the pursuit of mystical experiences on the other. One expert tells us to look back into the mists of time, while another tells us to look within, or to look at their list of how-to steps. In the midst of the noise, somehow Jesus can get lost. In this Master Class, we consider some simple biblical insights that will help us grow spiritually in a straightforward, practical, and Jesus-focused way.

Our world was profoundly changed by humanity’s great fall in Genesis 3. The after-effects of that day still shape every day for us all. How does the spiritual gravity of this fallen world pull on us in respect to spiritual growth? This is part 1 of a 5-part series on 5 Steps to Practical Spiritual Growth.