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What Am I Missing? How Do I Make Disciples Who Make Disciples?

Date recorded: 21 May 2018 | Speaker: John Musselman | Event: ELF Workshop


Every generation has to reclaim Jesus’ command to make disciples of all the nations. Making new converts and bringing them to spiritual maturity is, indisputably, at the heart of the Great Commission. Yet the Gospel accounts also reveal that when Jesus was training the Twelve, He was not only looking at these men; He was looking through them. He was developing this small band of “untrained and uneducated men” to lift up their eyes to a plentiful harvest of lost sheep and become the leaders of a vast, worldwide movement. These first disciples who had been trained by Jesus to take the gospel to the world clearly understood that they were not only called to shepherd believers to spiritual maturity, but also to equip and prepare them to do their part in the evangelization of the world. Jesus’ strategy has never been annulled; it has been ignored. His disciples must faithfully and continually make new, reproducing disciples, who make new disciples….who make new disciples. Spiritual multiplication must be at the heart of true biblical discipleship. How this can be done today is the primary question we learn in this talk.