What Does Christian Psychology Mean?

Date recorded: 1 Jan 2005 | Speaker: Wolfram Soldan
What does Christian Psychology Mean?


There are different proposals regarding whether or not and how you can connect the Christian faith with psychology. You often hear the statement that there can't be a "Christian psychology" and that no one speaks of a "Christian chemistry". But in the sciences, the anthropological paradigms mostly have more effects on the declared results of research than the researching process itself. Therefore we don´t speak of the one psychology, but rather, empirical psychology, humanistic psychology, analytical psychology, and so on. Why should we as Christians stand back behind modern humanists, who declare their own humanistic psychology?

The forgiveness process in five phases is an example to show that you will have different results in psychological research dependent on different worldviews and anthropology. These different results lead to different practical strategies in counselling.