Andrzej Bajenski

Real name: 
Andrzej Bajeński serves as the head of the Church of Christ in Poland and oversees 40 churches and multiple fellowships on their way to formalizing into new churches. Under his pastoral leadership, Pulawska Church of Warsaw grew to become the largest evangelical church in Poland. Pulawska was the first to go multi-site and has since multiplied churches throughout the greater Warsaw area. Just over 12 years ago, Andrzej transitioned the leadership of Puławska Church to his assistant pastors so that his time could be spent helping revitalize struggling churches throughout Poland, developing church leadership, and planting new churches. He created ProEcclesia: Center for Church Development which is paving the way for a movement of discipleship and church planting. Andrzej lives in Warsaw, Poland with his wife Urszula. He and Urszula have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.