Atef Gendy

Real name: 
Atef Gendy has been serving as the president of the Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETSC), the largest and oldest protestant seminary in the Middle East, since 2000. In addition to his administrative duties, he continues his role as a Professor of New Testament at ETSC. After initially working as a civil engineer, he served for eight years as director of a training center in the south of Egypt to help equip lay leaders for ministry in village churches. He graduated from ETSC in 1992 and was selected that same year as an instructor in New Testament. Dr. Gendy earned his PhD in 2001 from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland under I. Howard Marshall. He has written study notes for the book of Acts for the Bible Society of Egypt and had served as a translation consultant for the Revised Arabic Bible Translation (Van Dyke). He currently serves on the editorial committee for The Arabic Contemporary Commentary. He is also contributing with a commentary on Philemon and Colossians for the same project. Dr. Gendy is recognized as a leader in the Synod of the Nile (the Presbyterian Church) and the Council of Churches of Egypt.