Bjorn Hinderaker

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Bjørn Hinderaker is an Assistant Professor at the accredited NLA University College, Kristiansand, Norway (, where he teaches Christian Apologetics, Worldviews, and Ethical Theory. He has previously served as missionary to Kenya and as senior pastor of a local evangelical church ( Bjørn is also involved part-time as a writer and speaker in Damaris Norway (, an organization which is seeking to relate biblical faith to contemporary culture. He is programme director for the annual Veritas Conference (, a member of the advisory editorial committee for Veritas Forlag (Publishing), and has extensive experience as a preacher and as a speaker on biblical, cultural and apologetic topics. Bjørn has published academic and popular articles within his field, was co-editor of Grill en kristen – om Bibelen (Veritas Forlag 2020), and is book editor for Theofilos ((