Przemyslaw Chmielecki

Przemyslaw Chmieleck is currently working in the IT industry as an enterprise server administrator and cloud engineer in Krakow and as a lecturer at the Higher Baptist Theological Seminary in Warsaw, where he teaches logic and epistemology. He also offers applied IT and science consulting through his company TechBrain ( He is trained in a few areas of knowledge: philosophy of science (PhD degree), IT programming (MSc Eng. degree), cognitive science (MA degree), penology (MA degree) and sociology. He has written more than 35 papers, including book translations, published in international scientific journals, mostly in English, and has spoken at more than 30 conferences in Europe and the USA. He is scientifically interested in (meta)scientific bases, epistemology, higher education, science and technology studies, brain- and neuro- studies regarding technological growth, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is married to Ann, and they have three children: Kate, Thomas, Daniel.