Jon Beardon

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Jon Beardon is a member of the Relational Mission core team, with responsibilities that include overseeing the team of directors responsible for governance, finance, and communications and directly supervising some of the Relational Mission churches in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic (Pardubice), France (Lille), Serbia (Nis) and Nepal. Jon loves working with these local churches to strengthen them and foster unity between them overflowing into ownership of shared church planting mission. In the United Kingdom he is preparing to move to the city of Bath later this year to spearhead a new church planting initiative called Go West which is following a similar model to one he launched in the East known as the 20/20 initiative – reaching 20 more places in the East of England over 20 years. In the south of Serbia, he is working with longstanding local partners to serve a movement of Roma churches through teaching and training. Jon is currently a local church elder based at Wellspring Family Church, Dereham, a church he planted in 2002. Jon has a secondary teaching qualification, he spent six months in Ghana as a missionary, and for nearly five years worked as a schools’ evangelist in the United Kingdom, before focusing solely on local church ministry and mission since 2000. Jon has a BA in Theology from London School of Theology. He is married to Nicky and has four children. In his spare time he plays field hockey and likes to walk.