William Edgar

Real name: 
William Edgar is currently Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, USA. He was previously Professor of Apologetics at the Reformed Seminary in Aix-en-Provence. Before that he taught high school in Greenwich, CT, USA. He holds the Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Music, from Harvard College, and the Docteur en Théologie from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. His principal research interests are in cultural apologetics, African-American history and music, the music of Brahms, the French Huguenots, 19th century French church history, and the art of Paul Cézanne. His is widely published in those areas. Edgar is a jazz pianist and runs a Gospel-Jazz band. His chief avocations are running, reading novels and history, listening to modern French organ music, and watching Brazilian soccer-football. His wife Barbara and he have two children and three grandchildren.