Leif Nummela

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Leif Nummela works as Bible teacher and theologian for the Finnish Lutheran Mission and is Editor-in-Chief for the Finnish Christian magazine Uusi Tie, a weekly Christian periodical with 10,000 subscribers. He was educated as a Candidate of Missiology at the Institute of Missiology and Theology in Ryttylä, Finland; then took a Master of Theology from the University of Helsinki; and finally took a Special Degree in Leadership Training at the University of Applied Sciences in Hämeenlinna, Finland. He is an ordained pastor in the Ingrian Lutheran Church and has previously worked as both a missionary to Italy, and a leader of the Theological Institute in Finland. He has been a member of several mission and evangelism councils, as well as on the the Synod of the Finnish Lutheran Church. Leif is the author of 7 books, which have altogether sold over 40000 copies, and has written and published over 1000 articles in popular-level Christian magazines. Leif has been married to Irene for 32 years and they have 3 children and five grandchildren.
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Living Faithfully in the Midst of Apostasy
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