Benjamin Hlastan

Benjamin Hlastan is an MK/PK, born and raised in Slovenia, during Communist Yugoslavia. From 1989 till 1991 he studied at the Medical University in Slovenia. In 1991 he was offered a scholarship in the US at Columbia International University, Columbia, SC (BA in Bible and Biblical Languages - 1995). He received an M.Div. in Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, NC - 2001. During his studies he worked as a Youth Pastor and Education Minister, gaining additional experience as an apologist and evangelist in NC. In 2004 he moved with his family to an unreached region of Slovenia as a United World Mission church planter, where they started a church in 2006. His current work includes, but is not limited to, personal/public evangelism, church planting, training in Bible and Apologetics, discipleship, Bible translation, pastoral work, and speaking at various public non-Christian events/venues on topics related to Christianity. Benjamin has been married 22 years to Janis, and they have 7 children.