Beth Peltola

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Beth Peltola is a lecturer and consultant on Biblically understanding Islam, its history, expansion and Christian mission. She was born and educated in Southern Africa, moved to the UK for secondary education, and attended Emmaus Bible college in America to pursue a degree in Biblical studies. At 22 years of age she moved to London, UK, to serve in a Church for Turkish speakers. She ran a church-based English language school for refugees and immigrants and team-launched a mission team that witnessed and debated with Muslim missionaries at Speakers Corner, in London's Hyde Park. Prompted by discussions with Muslims from around the world, she completed a MTh in Islamics. Currently she is the founder and CEO of the 'One Truth Project', a Christian resourcing and consultancy network that responds to questions about life, religion, God, legends and current trends with a specific interest in Christianity and Islam, their history, theology, mission, and socio-political influences. She is also a host for The First Steps of God Vodcast. Website: