Bjorn Hinderaker

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Bjørn Hinderaker is an Assistant Professor at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication (, a Christian university with accredited degrees in Journalism and Communication, where he teaches Ethical Theory and Christian Apologetics. He is also a part-time senior pastor in a local church ( with regular preaching and teaching appointments there and in the surrounding region. Bjørn has been a missionary to Kenya and was recently involved in the founding of Damaris Norway (, an organization which is seeking to relate biblical faith to contemporary culture. He has extensive experience as a speaker on biblical, cultural and apologetic topics.
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Introduction to Apologetics
Bjorn Hinderaker ApologeticsIntroduction 00:00:00 3,093 21 Jun 2013
Lesslie Newbigin - An Appraisal
Bjorn Hinderaker History › ... › Modern - 1800 to present 01:31:12 1,859 3 Jun 2003