Einar Salvesen

Real name: 
Einar C. Salvesen is an organisational and clinical psychologist with work experience as a private practitioner and in the areas of education, health, NGOs and consultancy firms. He previously served as the chief psychologist in the Refugee Department of the Red Cross. Together with Nathalie Rogers, in 1982 he founded the Institute for Person-Centred Expressive Therapy, offering counselling, workshops and training courses in Client-Centred Expressive Therapy. In 1990, he established Columbus Consulting Ltd., with a focus on human resources development, offering services as a consultant and advisor in large multinational companies, state departments, and institutions in various countries. In 1994 together with Ragnar Naess, Einar started Development Support, a network of consultants focusing on co-operation in connection with international human resources development projects. He has been appointed as an expert witness in a number of trials involving children taken into custody by the Child Protection System. In June of 2015, he delivered a notice of concern to the government of Norway signed by 170 experts and professionals.