Florica Chereches

Real name: 
Florica Chereches has been a member of the Romanian Parliament, representing her home city of Oradea, since 2012. Before that, she was a mechanical engineer, teacher, translator, executive director of a microfinance institution, city council member and, for a short while, Deputy Mayor of Oradea. Florica’s life journey has been full of ups and downs, but God has always been present, even when He allowed her to go through deep sorrow following her first husband’s death in a car accident while she was pregnant with their third child and unemployed. Through these challenges, she has learned to trust God for the smallest details in her life. Currently a member of the Education Committee, she has preocuppations in the areas of family, adoption, education, and vocational training. She is Vice President of the Ecumenical Prayer Group in the Chamber of Deputies and is responsible for organising the Romanian Prayer Breakfast. Florica is remarried with four children and four grandchildren, her pride and joy!