Gordon Showell-Rogers

Gordon Showell-Rogers has lived and worked in Austria, Malta, Malaysia, and the UK, and been in dozens of other countries, globally. He has been a teacher, assistant pastor in a large church, General Secretary of a national IFES movement, and the first National Director of Friends International UK. His history includes 11 years as General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance and over 6 years as the first ever Associate Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance. Since autumn 2016, he has been leading an innovative new project focusing on persecution and social justice issues. He believes passionately in the forgotten themes of Scripture, like the centrality of mission to all Christian life, the centrality of unity to effective mission and the continuity between this life and the Final State. Gordon and his wife Jane have two adult children (both married), and five energetic grandsons born within four years of one another.