Helder Favarin

Real name: 
Hélder Favarin is an evangelist, missionary, and pastor. He is the founder of 180º Global/Festival 180º and the founding pastor of the church "Capítulo 29" in Granada, Spain. He is also a founding leader of RedTimoteo, a pioneer program for young evangelists in Spain and serves as a board member of Mission-Net, a European-wide youth movement and congress commissioned by the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) and the European Evangelical Missionary Association (EEMA). Hélder is part of OC Global Alliance, an interdenominational missionary organisation, and a member of the young leaders leadership team of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance. He is the author of the booklet Algo Más (Something Else) as well as numerous articles. He holds degrees in business administration and theology, has a master’s degree from the London School of Theology, and is currently working towards a Doctor of Ministry degree in preaching at the Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. He has worked for a number of companies, including HSBC bank and General Motors, before devoting himself to full-time evangelistic, missionary, and pastoral ministry in his early twenties. Hélder was born in Brazil but also holds Italian nationality. He has lived in Brazil, Mexico, England, and Scotland, and he currently resides in Spain. Hélder is married to Ana, and they have four little children.