Jonathan Tame

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Jonathan Tame is the Director of the Jubilee Centre, a research and policy think tank in Cambridge that provides biblical perspectives on economic, social, and political issues in order to equip Christians to be salt and light in different spheres of society. Having obtained a Master’s degree in agricultural economics, Jonathan worked for the UK government’s international development agency in Cameroon before joining YWAM’s relief and development office in Lausanne, Switzerland. From there, he and his wife Helene spent 11 years in Romania pioneering community development projects, starting a crisis pregnancy counselling centre, engaging with the Orthodox Church, and opening an arts and worldview café. In 2006 they moved back to Switzerland where Jonathan was involved in training, arts and media projects connecting Geneva’s spiritual heritage with Christians working in the international community. Jonathan helped bring Liviu Mocan’s monumental sculpture invitation/Decalogue to Geneva for the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth. They moved to Cambridge in 2009 for Jonathan to work initially with the Jubilee Centre’s founder, Michael Schluter, before being appointed to lead the organisation in 2012.