Ole-Magnus Olafsrud

Ole-Magnus Olafsrud served with the Navigators in Norway, the Baltics, and through various international networks for 44 years – 20 of them as director of the Navigators in Norway. He became a Christian when he studied veterinary medicine. As pensioned from the Navigators he now serves with the NGO Barnabas Focus for generational disciple-making and developing younger leaders in Norway, the Baltics, and globally with the Lausanne Movement. After serving as the Senior Coordinator for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Jakarta, August 2016, he now serves on the global core team for YLGeneration – a ten-year initiative to develop younger leaders in the global church. He chairs the YLGen Mentoring Team. Ole-Magnus serves on the European Lausanne Resource Group to stimulate application of the Cape Town 2010 Commitment. He has had more than 20,000 couples in seminars on family life in different countries and is an experienced family counsellor. He has written four books, two of which are on family dynamics, one on relational evangelism and one on along-sidering in generational disciple-making. His closest friend and partner through 45 years is his wife, Kari, and they enjoy their three married sons and twelve grandchildren.