Richard Hultmar

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Richard Hultmar is a church planter in Luleå, Sweden. He is an ordained pastor in Inter Act Sweden. After leading evangelism and church planting teams for the organisation, “Team i Norr”, in the Murmansk Region of Russia, he moved to Luleå and started Korskyrkan 2001, a church he is still pastoring. From 2007-2009 he oversaw church planting in Inter Act Sweden. Since 2007 Richard has led the Swedish Church planting network. It is a network where all the evangelical denominations in Sweden are represented and work together to see new churches planted all over Sweden. Today, Richard is also working to establish a new programme for training church planters in Sweden, entitled “M4”. He also coaches church planters in the north of Sweden and is working in partnership with local churches and missionaries to plant house churches on the campus of Lulea Technical University.