Rudolf Kabutz

Real name: 
Rudolf Kabutz is a media foresight strategist working with TWR Africa and the Lausanne Media Engagement Network. He is passionate about reaching people globally through strategic collaborative media networks. After training in nuclear physics and working as medical physicist, he joined TWR to utilise media for equipping communities in Southern Africa. Through various roles he has contributed towards people connecting with media resources and being equipped to utilise media to influence others. Rudolf has interacted with a variety of ministry and media networks in Africa, promoting close cooperation between networks of media professionals and networks of locally impactful initiatives. His focus is continually on the future, which he explores more carefully using strategic foresight. He hopes that the Media Engagement Network as an Issue Network of Lausanne will inspire and equip Christians in various professions and walks of life to engage with the media on multiple levels towards shaping and transforming society with the peace and truth of Christ.