Tom Woodward

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Tom Woodward is Research Professor at Trinity College of Florida, and is chair the Theology Division. He is founder and director of the C. S. Lewis Society of Tampa, Florida. His Ph.D. specialty is the "Rhetoric of Science" and his dissertation, "Aroused from Dogmatic Slumber: A History of Intelligent Design" was published in 2003 as "Doubts about Darwin." It won the "2004 Book of the Year" award from Christianity Today in the "Christianity and Culture" category. His second book, "Darwin Strikes Back" (published in 2006) follows the ID/Darwinism debate from 1996 onward. Michael Behe has described Dr. Woodward as the "premier historian of intelligent design." His undergraduate history degree is from Princeton University. He has spoken on evolution, intelligent design and apologetics on 75 university campuses in 17 countries.
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Doubts about Darwin
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