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Webinar recording

Can Life Be Good Without God? The Gospel and the European Search for Meaning

Date recorded: 6 Mar 2019 | Speaker: Martin Robinson | Event: ELF Evangelists Network
Topic: Evangelism


The modern world, ever since the Enlightenment, has been built on the wager that life can be good without God. The very idea of God does not feature in the thinking, practices, or aspirations of most European people. And yet, this core wager seems to be unravelling in so many ways. The feeling that there must be more than a material world is leading Europeans of many nations to seek, experiment, and yearn for that illusive something else. Little do Europeans imagine that the answers they seek are to be found in the very treasure they have rejected - the gospel message. This webinar explores in more detail the foundations of the European search for happiness and explores how the church might connect effectively with that search for meaning, transcendence, relationship, and community.