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Webinar recording

Corporate Prayer in the Local Church

Date recorded: 17 Dec 2019 | Speaker: Mike Betts | Event: ELF Church Life, Leadership, and Planting


As we find in the pages of Acts and the epistles, Corporate Prayer is vibrant, passionate and central to everything; like an engine room of the church. Paul writes on many occasions asking for churches to pray for him. Whenever the early church faces either fresh opportunities for mission or fresh waves of persecution, prayer comes to the fore. Prayer is designed for drama. It is best kindled in a sense of urgency and need. How different the picture is today, especially in the West. In the West, Corporate Prayer might be perceived often as the domain of experts or men and women with a particular gifting or calling to pray. Rather than being a department for those inclined to it, Corporate Prayer should be a central plank of church life where everyone is involved. A key part of church life in the global South and East, which has seen incredible growth and expansion, has been a heavy investment in corporate prayer. Might there be a link? Might it be time for a restoration in the west of corporate prayer in local church life? Something vibrant and exciting? Something for all ages and from the newest believer to the most seasoned saint? In this webinar, we will look at the biblical case for moving Corporate Prayer into the centre ground of church life. We will explore some models for this and engage in reflection and Q&A on how we might set about a change of culture rather than just an additional program. Recorded 17 December 2020.