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Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

Date recorded: 10 Feb 2023 | Speaker: John Lennox | Event: External (ICMDA)
Topic: ScienceEvolution


In partnership with the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA), FOCLonline is happy to announce that ICMDA has offered the following outstanding talk with Dr. John Lennox. ICMDA represents 60,000 medical and dental professionals in 110 countries ( ICMDA hosts a weekly free webinar with a world-class expert every week on Christian, medical, and scientific issues. These talks and interviews on a long list of cutting-edge topics are available here:

The Neo-Darwinian theory of biological evolution, the so-called modern synthesis is still regarded by many as ruling out theism. However, in order to establish this, two things need to be shown to be true: 1) that it is philosophically legitimate to deduce atheism (a worldview) from biology (a natural science), and 2) that there is scientific evidence that the theory of evolution can bear the weight placed upon it. I think the evidence shows that these claims have insubstantial warrant.