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Return of the God Hypothesis

Date recorded: 2 Oct 2019 | Speaker: Stephen Meyer | Event: ELF Advanced Apologetics Network


Has modern science proved that God is a delusion? Is it still rational to believe in God in the 21st century? Join philosopher of science Dr. Stephen Meyer in this webinar as he discusses a series of revolutionary scientific discoveries that point to the reality of God. Known for his groundbreaking work on the evidence for intelligent design in biology, Meyer demonstrates how discoveries in astronomy and physics as well as biology help to establish the identity of the intelligent designer responsible for life. Meyer argues that a traditional theistic worldview — with its affirmation of a transcendent and personal God -- best explains the evidence we have concerning the origin of life and the universe. Come hear Dr. Meyer explain why it’s an exciting time to be a scientist and a person of faith.​ Recorded 2 October 2019