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How to Recover from Burnout: receiving a garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness

Date & time: 17 Jan 2022, 18:00 GMT | Speaker: Marcus Honeysett | Duration: 1 hour 30 min
Topic: Leadership
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In Exodus 18 we find Moses’ burdens had got out of control and had led him into exhaustion. Unable to stand the strain he wore out, and so did the people who depended on him. There was nothing ungodly in what he was doing, it had all just got too much.

If Moses can faint under the burden, so can we. Hebrews 13 says that when leaders are overburdened it does the people no good. When leaders lose our joy in God, so does everyone else.

Join us for this seminar to think about what needs to change when we find ourselves over-extended, debilitated and burned by excessive ministry demands.

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Date & time: 17 Jan 2022, 18:00 GMT
Event ended
Recording of the webinar may be available in the Webinar recordings after the event.