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Resilient Discipleship: Principles & Practices that Contribute to a Life of Lasting Faith

Date & time: 24 Nov 2021, 18:00 GMT | Speaker: Rick Hill | Duration: 1 hour 30 min
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In Europe’s shifting cultural sands, twenty-first-century Christians find themselves pushed to the edges of contemporary culture, exiled in a strange land. Rather than choosing comfort as our response or abandoning lifelong spiritual patterns, how can we face the erosion of Cultural Christianity not with clenched fists but open hands - as resilient disciples with a long-haul faith built on a firm foundation?
Exploring some of the key themes of his recently published book, ‘Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples’, Rick Hill will reflect on how we can develop lives of intentional discipleship to Jesus. While some choose comfort and compromise as their response, and others replace or abandon lifelong spiritual patterns, there continues to be those who respond to Jesus call, embrace the cost of discipleship, commit to Christian community and endure challenges that come their way.
Join us to reflect on the key principles and practices that contribute to a life of lasting faith – one grounded in faithful discipleship but also pulsing with life and faith-fuelled adventure.

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Date & time: 24 Nov 2021, 18:00 GMT
Event ended
Recording of the webinar may be available in the Webinar recordings after the event.