What Should the Church's Response Be to Protecting Human Life?


There is mounting evidence that our secular society’s disregard for the value of human life has wrought unspeakable tragedy. Since respect for human life is based on recognizing God as the Creator and humankind as created in His likeness, any nation that abandons God will abandon respect for His creation and fail to recognize the innate value of each human being created in His image. Unfortunately, confusion regarding the origin of humanity is not confined to the secular culture. Even as Christians, we fail to comprehend the value of every human life because we cease to look at each other with awe as breathtaking creatures embodying a touch of the Creator Himself. How can we as believers restore a godly view of human life?  What are some effective tools and strategies to equip Christians and teach the next generation the truth from a biblical worldview? How can the Church both affirm and help protect human life?