Glynn Harrison

Glynn Harrison was formerly Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry, University of Bristol, UK, where he was also a practicing consultant psychiatrist. Now, as an author and speaker, he is interested in issues at the interface between biblically-based faith and psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry, as well as wider issues of culture and Christian worldview. His most recent book A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Flourishing turns a critical eye to the sexual revolution.
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Igniting an Effective Men's Ministry in Your Church
Glynn Harrison LeadershipDiscipleship Leadership 00:00:00 1,302 30 May 2015
The Sexual Revolution: The Challenges Facing a Church Unprepared
Glynn Harrison EthicsChristian Ethics 00:00:00 1,967 28 May 2014
Sexual Addictions and Pornography: Cultural Context and Pastoral Intervention
Glynn Harrison Counseling and PsychologySexuality 00:00:00 1,759 28 May 2014
Recovery from Substance Misuse: Pastoral Care, Treatment, and Counselling
Glynn Harrison Counseling and PsychologyIndividual 00:50:49 2,108 27 May 2014
The God Spot: Does Brain Science Undermine Faith and Religious Belief?
Glynn Harrison ScienceChristianity and Science 00:55:53 2,092 27 May 2014
The Performance Treadmill: Overcoming Idolatries of Achievement and Status in the Life of the Pastor
Glynn Harrison DiscipleshipLeadership: The Fruit of Maturity 01:03:52 2,415 25 May 2014
Self-Esteem Ideology - An Interview with Glynn Harrison
Glynn Harrison Counseling and Psychology 00:00:00 3,205 15 Apr 2014
When Is Anxiety a Sin? Anxiety in the Bible
Glynn Harrison Counseling and PsychologyIndividual 00:00:00 3,472 20 Jun 2013
Who Do You Think You Are? How the Biblical Worldview Transforms Self-Understanding
Glynn Harrison Counseling and PsychologyPersonality Theory 00:40:56 2,886 20 May 2013
What Depression Is and What It Is Not
Glynn Harrison Counseling and PsychologyIndividual 00:00:00 2,014 20 May 2013