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The Amazing Power of History to Make a Difference - Interview

Date recorded: 21 May 2018 | Speaker: Daryl McCarthy | Event: ELF Workshop
The Amazing Power of History to Make a Difference


By telling the story of what God has done in the past, we can see more clearly what He is doing today. As we see how followers of God served Him in the past, we learn lessons for what we should be doing today. Showing the footsteps of God in history provides a bridge for communicating the Gospel with unbelievers today. This interview showcases three Christian leaders who have effectively used history to communicate with believers and unbelievers alike and encourages us to learn the history of Christianity in our country or region and find ways to effectively tell that story today.

Daryl McCarthy (Moderator), Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy, Forum of Christian Leaders

Charles White (USA), Professor of Christian Thought and History, Spring Arbor University

Jaroslaw Lukasik (Ukraine), Director, School of Reformation

Benjamin Hlastan (Slovenia), Pastor, Evangelical Christian Church