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David Hilborn is Academic Dean and Senior Lecturer in Church History at London School of Theology. David was previously Principal of Moorlands College. Prior to that he led St Johns College, Nottingham and was Assistant Dean of St Mellitus College, based in London. This followed nine years as Head of Theology at the Evangelical Alliance UK, during which time he also served on the Executive of the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission. David is an ordained Anglican minister and was a member of the Church of England’s Faith and Order Commission from 2006-2016. He currently chairs the Evangelical Alliance’s Theological Advisory Group. He is a graduate of the Universities of Nottingham (BA, PhD) and Oxford (MA), and has led or served on the ministry teams of five local churches. He has authored or edited several books, including Picking Up the Pieces (Hodder), The Nature of Hell, ‘Toronto in Perspective, One Body in Christ, Movement for Change (Paternoster) and The Atonement Debate (Zondervan). He is currently co-editing a book on Anglican-Pentecostal co-operation. David is a Londoner by birth and is married to Mia, a senior hospital chaplain. They have two grown-up children. He loves cricket and enjoys a wide range of music.
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Development: Spiritual Principles for Fundraising
David Hilborn LeadershipOrganisational Leadership 00:00:00 167 22 May 2022
Free Speech, Wokeism, and Cancel Culture: Theological Issues and Contemporary Applications
David Hilborn Culture and ArtPopular Culture 00:00:00 385 21 May 2022
Queer Theology in Evangelical Perspective
David Hilborn TheologySpecializations of Theology 00:00:00 769 17 May 2021
Freedom, Religious Liberty, and the Church
David Hilborn Politics Law and GovernmentFreedom of Religion 00:00:00 575 27 May 2020
Understanding and Evaluating the Category of Spiritual Abuse
David Hilborn Discipleship › ... › Accountability 00:00:00 551 26 May 2020
Freedom, Religious Liberty, and Sexuality
David Hilborn ApologeticsCultural 00:00:00 670 22 May 2020
What essential differences persist between contemporary Protestantism and Roman Catholicism?
David Hilborn History › ... › Reformation 00:00:00 988 22 May 2018
How has the Reformation view of justification led to social and political reforms?
David Hilborn History › ... › Reformation 00:00:00 860 22 May 2018
How have recent historians and thinkers reflected on the legacy of the Reformation?
David Hilborn History › ... › Reformation 00:00:00 783 22 May 2018
What are some practical ways to bring Christians from different generations together?
David Hilborn EvangelismMission for God’s People 00:00:00 504 22 May 2018