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European Identity and Spiritual Interest Today

Date recorded: 23 May 2023 | Speaker: Luke Greenwood | Event: ELF Interviews
Topic: Evangelism
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Secularism has marked the European identity with loneliness, sexual brokenness, and a lack of purpose. This is a generation that does not look to the Church for answers, but believes it to be irrelevant to their lives. Many are apathetic, cynical, and even hostile to the gospel. Yet at the same time we see Europeans fighting for equality, justice, human rights, a sustainable planet, and a set of values that ultimately has its roots in Christianity, even if many no longer recognise this. There is also an incredible spiritual hunger among people, especially in times of crisis. This desire for a better world and this search for answers are great opportunities to share Jesus in a fresh and relevant way to a continent that desperately needs God.