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Speaking Truth in the Public Arena: Continuing the Reformation


As Christian scholars we are uniquely equipped and qualified to address moral, social and cultural issues in the public marketplace of ideas.  Naturally, we need to speak from a biblical perspective, a Christian worldview.  How can we as academics show the plausibility of the truth claims of the Christian faith?  How can we articulate biblical truth and show how the Gospel relates with current issues in politics, culture, law, media, society, medicine, entertainment, education, and other fields?

Daryl McCarthy (Moderator), Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy, Forum of Christian Leaders

Per Ewert, Director, The Clapham Institute

Stefan Gustavsson, General Secretary, Swedish Evangelical Alliance; Director, Centre for Christian Apologetics

Peter Saunders, CEO, Christian Medical Fellowship

Cors Visser, Director, ForumC

Daniel von Wachter, Professor and Director, International Academy of Philosophy